Hello, I’m Lisa C. Decker, CDFA www.DivorceMoneyMatters.com and the founder and CEO of DivorceTown®.

Thank you for visiting with us today. I hope you’ll find a treasure trove of resources to help you before, during and after your divorce. We’ll be adding new features and new resources on a regular basis so be sure to check back often to find out what’s new!

The Mission
In my daily work as a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst), I have learned that divorce really takes a team, a village if you will, to make sure folks going through divorce get ALL their needs covered. It is simply not realistic to expect one person, be they your attorney, financial expert or therapist, to have all the answers to your legal, financial, emotional, real estate, mortgage, credit, insurance and other needs.

From my experiences I’ve come to believe the best outcomes in divorce happen when there is someone guiding you to seek answers from a variety of experts and then assembling all your information together for a holistic approach which provides more comprehensive solutions for your situation. More often than not, this integrated approach leads to a far superior outcome during the process, and as importantly, after.

The Vision 
My vision to help people understand the importance of this team concept began with the idea of graphic illustration. I wanted to help people “see” that they have options that can save their sanity, their financial resources, their future and the fabric of their family.

While the Road Map may appear whimsical, it is not intended to make light of this serious issue. Instead, it is meant to capture your attention and pique your interest so that you may pause to consider your options and the short and long-term costs associated with getting a divorce including the legal, financial and emotional costs to you and your family.

The “Divorce Road Map” idea simmered in my mind for several years as I found that trying to convey the complexities, problems, and pitfalls of divorce in a visual context was not easy feat to accomplish. The inspiration on how to layout the town and pull it all together came to me one day while standing on the “Marietta Square” near my office in Georgia and from there went through many iterations and revisions before coming to the final version you see here today. I am very grateful for the many colleagues who have offered their guidance, support and suggestions along the way to make this DivorceTown® Road Map a helpful tool for those dealing with divorce.

Out of the “Road Map” grew the larger idea of a living, nurturing community, both on and offline, where “those who seek can connect and find support from those who serve,” and has ultimately led to where you find yourself here today at DivorceTown®.

The Community 
This community is for YOU and about YOU. Please feel free to reach out and let me know your wants, needs, and desires so we can build a stronger community together. My door is always open – contact me directly at lisa (@) divorcemoneymatter.com.

My greatest wish for you is that you find solace, comfort, answers and connections among the good folks here bringing you help and hope on your divorce journey. Start here to find the Professional HELP you need.