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A Special Arabian Horse Saves a Marriage

A Special Arabian Horse Saves a Marriage

Sue [i] came to the horse retreat with tears in her eyes.  She had recently been diagnosed with a re-occurrence of cancer, and she knew how serious it was because she is the manager of a cancer floor at a hospital.  She was in it for the long haul.  


Sue was married, but the marriage was on shaky ground.  Her husband was not supportive; he didn't drop her off for her treatments, or sit by her side, holding her hand for support.  She felt abandoned and isolated without her beloved by her side.  


Sue was to the point of thinking maybe she should ask for a divorce.  After all, if her husband couldn't support her now, when she needed him most, what good was he anyway?  She was beginning to think she would have to tackle this all alone, and she started preparing herself for that possibility.  


Then, Sue came on one my horse retreats.  For one of the exercises, I asked her to go into the round pen with my new horse, Zak, a beautiful and intuitive Arabian horse.  Zak had only been with me for one week at this point, and I wasn't really sure how he would handle his task.  The idea was for Sue to walk around the pen with him, confiding in Zak all her worries and concerns.  After all, he couldn't tell anyone her secrets!   


At first she was hesitant, as Zak is a highly charged horse.  I walked with her one time around the pen, just to help her feel comfortable and then excused myself so she and Zak could "talk" in private, while I monitored from close by.  


Sue talked and cried, cried and talked and talked and cried some more.  The deal was, that when she felt complete, she simply had to walk to the middle of the round pen with Zak and stop.   Eventually, she did lead him to the middle and they stopped.  I then asked her to put her arms around Zak’s neck and thank him for taking on her worries and concerns.  When asked how she felt, Sue said she was totally refreshed.   In fact, she benefited from the experience so much, she asked to get professional pictures with Zak before the retreat was over!


A few weeks later I spoke with Sue by phone.  She said she had a breakthrough while opening up to Zak.  She realized her husband was so scared of being left alone without her, he was avoiding the whole cancer “thing.”  He just couldn’t stand the thought of losing her!  He hadn’t abandoned her.  He was afraid.  After talking to Zak, Sue felt free to discuss things with her husband and get to the whole truth.  She felt reunited with her husband and they were able to tackle her relapse together. 


This beautiful horse did his job.  And, you don’t have to worry about Zak being negatively affected by taking on Sue’s worries.  A horse “leeches” out a human’s negative emotions and goes about his business as if nothing happened.  What a gift to have horses to help heal us!

My horses and I are the vessels to healing those who are hurting, those who are broken and those who are challenged.  If you feel like life is getting harder and you are not being the best you can be, contact me today for a free consultation on how we can help.  Let us help you get excited about jumping out of bed in the morning with anticipation of what the day has in store for you!  It can happen again….just ask Sue!


Teresa Wolf is a Master Certified Retreat Coach and Equine Facilitator.  She has had special training in leading retreats with horses as part of her team.  She offers retreats for ladies, couples, families and business teams.  Teresa owns a beautiful Arabian horse, Zak and a gorgeous palomino Kentucky Mountain Horse, Nemo.  Both horses have special talents in helping people with life issues.  Call Teresa today at (770) 843-9056 or email her at for more information or to set up a free consultation.  Check out  


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