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Being “Thankful” in Today’s World

Being “Thankful” in Today’s World

Along with the pain of a divorce also comes responsibility.  Many facing this daunting task look to a professional who is sympathetic, yet firm, caring and knowledgeable.  Compassion should be part of any organizer’s services. 

As a Financial Organizer, I have had the opportunity to assist many in the throes of divorce.  One particular client & I met while they were in the process of dividing all the items in their home.  She realized that there were many things she needed to learn about ~ those daily “money matters” that she never dealt with before.  I was referred to her and her journey began.  When we first met I immediately liked her and knew we would be friends after this process was completed…I was correct!

We began by constructing a budget.  Our next steps were to gather copies of tax documents; design a filing system & be sure she had copies of all legal & bank/investment documents.  It can be overwhelming when someone is preparing to “begin” their new life as a responsible “single” adult who has not had to deal with these issues before.

My client was also in need of a trusted and honest person to help her make this huge transition.  I made sure we paid attention to the details such as changing the address on her driver’s license, bank accounts, insurance policies, etc.  While these things may seem like “common sense” to most, when you are in the throes of divorce…common sense leaves the premises and is replaced by panic & dread!

We got her moved into a lovely new place, where, thankfully, she quickly adjusted.  We made sure she had home owner’s insurance, contacted the gas, electric and phone companies and all those pesky little things we never think about since this had previously been taken care of many years ago.  Once she was settled in she began to feel the fog lifting.  It took many months to get into a routine and feel whole again, but the healing process did begin.

Maintenance is something I offer my clients.  Life gets in the way and things don’t always get done in a timely manner.  We get together to review how things are going & I usually return when it’s time to prepare for taxes.  We gather all the pertinent documents, divide by category and organize on an Excel Spreadsheet for her to send to her CPA.

She has told me many times over: “Deborah, I could have not done this without you!”  Hearing that makes it all worth-while.  If I can make someone’s transition a bit easier than I have done a good job.  What I am most “thankful” for is to be able to serve wonderful people like her!  Seeing her smile and knowing that she is “doing well” is priceless!

If you or someone you know is preparing for a divorce, please take a moment and call for your complimentary consultation.  It will be my pleasure to serve you!

Deborah Kapchinske

Organized Daily Money Matters


With 15+ years in the organizing industry, Deborah Kapchinske has always been passionate about "Financial Organizing." Many of our clients are in need of clutter control as well as financial control. Being "financially" organized puts you in control. From budgeting & record keeping to preparing paperwork to hand over to your accountant for tax purposes, having these things done in a timely manner saves you time and money.

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