Contemplating / Separated

If you are contemplating divorce or separation we understand the overwhelming feelings you may be having and the unknown path in front of you. There are many issues to address at this stage. It is very important to seek guidance/counsel. You do not want to be caught off guard because you were “hoping it will all go away” or hadn’t educated yourself on your options.

First ask yourself…
Can my marriage be saved? This may take some deep soul-searching, but it’s better to ask and act now if you want to try and stay married, then to live with regrets after your divorce that you didn’t try hard enough.

If you’ve tried marriage counseling and it’s apparent divorce is the next step … Where do you begin?
There are a few things you need to do to be smart about from the start in your divorce. Here’s our SMART from the START Formula™ to help you:

S = Start early – Divorce is a process, not an event. Give yourself plenty of time to get it done right. Don’t rush and don’t drag your feet. Find the right balance to get your best outcome.

M = Manage your emotions – Don’t let your emotions get in the way of making wise decisions.

A = Assess your options – Find out what those options are and take the path that’s best for your personal situation.

R = Reach out for help – Divorce is not a time to do-it-alone or be alone.

T = Takes a team – The core team members should be an attorney, divorce financial planner and therapist, but you may also need other specialists like a mediator, realtor, mortgage specialist, insurance expert and more.

Where do you go from here? 
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