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CEO/Founder at Genesis Consultants, Inc.
Phoenix Arizona 85048

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This moment is the first moment of the rest of your life. What will you do?

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  • Genesis Consultants, Inc.
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  • Genesis Consultants, Inc. Company Logo by Dorothy M Neddermeyer, Ph.D. in Phoenix AZ
  • Position
  • CEO/Founder
  • Year Established:
  • 1977
  • Online Social Profiles
  • Location
  • 2338 East Granite View Dr.
    Phoenix, AZ 85048
    United States

Professional Background

  • Hours of Operation
  • -Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual Healing
    -Sexual Child Abuse Prevention and Recovery
    -Couple Recovery
    -Uncoupling Counseling
    -Mind, Body, Spirit Healing
    -Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Future Progression
    -Smoke Cessation
    -Weight Reduction
    -Habit and Behavior Transformation
  • Accepted Forms of Payments
  • -National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists
    -International Board for Regression Therapists, Inc.
    -International Association of Regression Therapists
    -European Association of Regression Therapists
  • Credentials
  • Ph.D. Philosophy - Metaphysics

More About Dorothy M Neddermeyer, Ph.D.

Intimate relationships are a key element in a healthy life and are a source of great happiness or unhappiness. Unless each party grew up in a loving and supportive family environment, they are ill-equipped to create a loving and supportive relationship. Yet, you each chose the perfect person to be a mirror for your emotional and spiritual growth. 

You can discover the issues, emotional disconnects, understand your mindset and obstacles to make adjustments and move forward. There may be individual issues - such as self-esteem, fear, guilt, shame, anger, depression or anxiety that are harming your relationship. 

Areas of concentration for Relationship Resolution are: Couples Counseling – Dr. Dorothy has 30+ years experience creating results oriented couples counseling. She is praised for reconciling issues without taking sides. Resolution isn't about who is right or wrong or who did what. It is about determining what each party needs and wants from the relationship and what each party is willing to give. 

People can change their approach and learn new skills. Learn yours and your partner’s love language and how to make it a part of your daily interactions. Accessing and integrating respective love language realistically and developing a balance that works and creates a mutually fulfilling relationship is Dr. Dorothy’s goal. 

Sexual satisfaction is a significant part of a healthy relationship – it is very important to reach an understanding of each other’s sexual needs. When the importance of sex in marriage is ignored or minimized, other troubles often begin. With respect and compassion, your sex life can be revitalized. You will learn to lovingly and openly integrate new approaches and a new understanding of your respective sexual needs. Depression and anxiety can affect your sex life. Individual issues might need to be addressed. Emotional issues that can impede a healthy sexual relationship can be healed to foster happy and healthy sexual relationship you can enjoy. You can create a happy relationship with "...and they lived happily ever after" scenario, or if that isn't possible you can create a respectful and compassionate uncoupling. 

Irreconcilable Differences: If the issues are irreconcilable Dr. Dorothy will guide you through the emotional uncoupling by fostering mutual respect and compassion. Dr. Dorothy will help you create an emotional and functional agreement that you can both accept. Respectful and Compassionate Uncoupling - The kids don’t HAVE to suffer and you don’t HAVE to spend all of your money. Everyone hurts with marital distress or divorce. It is extremely painful. It is less painful when each party hears the other and understands blocks, limitations, and desires. The final step for respectful and compassionate uncoupling - Engage with a Mediator who will guide you through the paperwork and move forward for much less money than attorneys and court dates cost. 

About Dr. Dorothy:

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D. is a recognized authority on bridging Science and Human Potential. She facilitates clearing emotional/ mental blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's thoughts and feelings.

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